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SMART Coding Kits by SAM Labs let teachers bring a world of coding and STEAM into the classroom. With lesson plans covering a range of subjects, the kits make it easy for teachers to simplify problem solving through computational thinking. Packed with a variety of hardware and software, SMART Coding Kits by SAM Labs provide everything teachers need to impact learning.

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Part of the SMART Classroom Solution

Model projects and engage in whole-class learning using SAM Labs coding apps on SMART Board® interactive displays with iQ*, or a connected teacher computer. Students can share their own in-app work from their devices to any SMART Board with iQ through wireless screensharing.

SMART Coding Kits by SAM Labs include step-by-step lesson plans aligned with curriculum standards. Deliver lessons to student devices using SMART Learning Suite Online to share content and worksheets for individual or group activities.

*Available with Windows® 10 Pro on an Intel® Compute Card

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Great for small groups, makerspaces and coding clubs, the STEAM Kit supports 4-6 students at a time and contains bonus blocks to design an endless variety of projects.

Classroom Kit

The complete solution for a full classroom with the lowest price-per-student, the Classroom Kit is perfect for splitting a class into groups to complete the same project.

This product is not available for sale in Italy, Asia, the Middle East or Russia.