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SMART Board SBM787V 87″ with SMART Learning Suite For Education with Projector

 1,348,700.00 Excl. VAT


With SMART Board SBM787V 87 Series (Wide screen for bigger fit)

Captivating and engaging learning at every touch. Simple to use, deploy and support, the SBM787V 87 series is a smart choice for schools looking to take their projector installations to the next level.

Free SMART Notebook basic software included, no subscription required.

The bundle includes :-

  • SMART Board 87″ Interactive Board
  • Ultra Short Throw Projector
  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • HDMI Cable
  • Certified Installer & Trainer
  • Additional Consumables (Trunking, Screws Audio Cable …)





The SMART Board SBM787V 87 is a wall-mounted, front projection interactive whiteboard.


With 20 points of touch and Simultaneous Tool Differentiation – exclusive to SMART – two users can write, erase, move or gesture at the same time without special modes, toolbars or menu selection. The SBX800 series is intuitively designed to work like teachers and students expect, saving on training and support costs.


With Object Awareness, the SBM787V 87 detects the touch of a finger, a palm erasing, and pens writing automatically.

The active pen tray* provides quick access to ink color sections, highlighter, fine erase, on-screen keyboard and more to make it easy for teachers to run lessons.

*Active pen tray included in SBM787V 87 models


Rotate, zoom and flick using natural touch gestures


Every surface inch is a collaborative workspace–multiple students, multiple actions

Create and deliver rich, interactive lessons
Get instant access to award-winning software with your SMART Interactive Whiteboard. Award-winning SMART Notebook basic version helps teachers create dynamic, interactive lessons delivered on an interactive display.


Learn how SMART Interactive whiteboards help teachers easily bring more engaging learning to your classrooms.

The interactive whiteboard lets you do everything you can do at your computer by touching the interactive screen with your finger or the included pen: open and close applications, browse through files, hold meetings with others, create new documents or edit existing ones, visit websites, play video clips, and more. When you connect your interactive whiteboard to a computer and a projector, your computer image displays on the interactive screen. You can write over any application in digital ink, and then save the notes for future reference and distribution.

Dimensions and weights
76 7/8″ (195.3 cm)
49 3/4″ (126.2 cm)
4 1/4″ (11 cm)
19 1/2″ (49.6 cm)
35 lb. (16 kg)

Projection area
73 3/4″ × 46 1/8″
(187.5 cm × 117.1 cm)
Shipping dimensions
81 1/2″ × 54 1/4″ × 4″
(206.9 cm × 137.7 cm × 10.3 cm)
Shipping weight
52 lb. (23 kg)

Standard features
Included software SMART Product

Drivers and SMART Ink
SMART Notebook basic version
Bonus one-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite (including SMART Notebook software)

Computer requirements

A computer or laptop running the Windows or macOS operating system with SMART Learning
Suite or SMART Notebook basic version.
A computer or laptop running the Linux operating system with SMART Notebook 11 for Linux.
For a complete list of computer requirements, see the following documentation:
SMART Notebook 20 software for Windows and Mac
SMART Notebook 11 SP4 software for Linux (smarttech.com/kb/171293)

The SMART Board M700V series interactive whiteboard supports the following versions of SMART software:
– Windows and Mac Linux
– SMART Product Drivers 12.16 (or later) SMART Product Drivers 12.10.982.0-3
– SMART Notebook 21 (or later) including
– SMART Notebook basic version
– SMART Notebook 11 for Linux

A digital projector isn’t included with this model. To take advantage of all interactive features, you must integrate your interactive whiteboard with a digital projector.

Touch and gestures Enables you to write and erase digital ink and to perform mouse functions by touching the
interactive whiteboard with your pen, palm or a finger. This interactive whiteboard also features
gesture capability, providing a natural and flexible way to interact with content.

Multitouch capabilities Support for up to 20 simultaneous touches enables up to two users to interact with the
interactive whiteboard by using the included pens or other objects, or by using their fingers to
perform gestures. They can also use their palms to erase.

Touch technology Advanced IR (infrared) with Object Awareness tracks the movement of objects touching the
interactive surface and adjusts automatically to the tool you’re using, whether it’s a pen, your finger, an eraser, or your palm.

Aspect ratio 16:10
Resolution Digitizing resolution is approximately 32767 × 32767.
Pen ledge The durable pen ledge holds the two included pens.
Pen Includes two passive pens.

Cable requirements Maximum 16′5″ (5 m) USB cable (included).
Screen surface The hard-coated steel surface is durable, is optimized for projection and is compatible with dryerase
Frame finish White
Power requirements Obtains power from the computer through the USB cable on Windows and Mac computers.
Power consumption is less than 2.5 W (500 mA at 5V).
Computer connection 12 Mbps USB connection (full-speed USB 2.0)

Temperature specifications
Storage -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Operation 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) with up to 80% humidity, non-condensing

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