The New SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard M700

Your SMART product is a wall-mounted, front projection interactive whiteboard. It enables you to do everything that you can do at your computer—open and close applications, scroll through files, hold meetings with others, create new documents or edit existing ones, visit websites, play video clips and more—by touching the interactive screen with your finger or the included pens. When you connect the interactive whiteboard to a computer and a projector, your computer image appears on the interactive screen. You can write over any application in digital ink, and then save these notes to a file in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software for future reference and distribution.

The SMART Board M700 and M700V series interactive whiteboards are full-speed USB 2.0 bus powered devices with no external power supply. Because USB is the primary connectivity mode, your interactive whiteboard receives power from the computer through the included 16′ 5″ (5 m) USB cable. There’s no power switch on your interactive whiteboard. It’s always running when your computer is turned on.

Write over any application, save and share!