SMART kapp™ 84" capture board (kapp84)

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SMART kapp™ 84" capture board (kapp84)

SMART Capture Board for Education and Business

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STEAM Kit – for 6 students 65 Inches
Classroom Kit – for 30 students 75 inches

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<h1 class="fn title"><span>SMART kapp™ 84" capture board (kapp84)</span></h1><div class="brief-descr product-description" data-model="XLiteModelProduct" data-identifier="64" data-property="briefDescription"><h1><span>SMART kapp 84" Capture Board with 2yr included warranty<br /><br /><img src="resources/image/18/7d/9.jpg" width="590" height="635" /><br /></span><br /><span>Overview</span><span><br /></span></h1><p><span>The SMART kapp™ 84" capture board enables you to collaborate with others in a simple but powerful way. Write and draw on the capture board like you would a regular dry erase board. You can then connect a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device to the capture board by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code or by tapping the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag. When you first connect your mobile device, you’re directed to the Apple App Store or Google Play™ to download the SMART kapp app. After you download and install the app, you can use it to connect to your capture board and share content with others<br /></span></p></div>