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Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing is something that has come a long way from specialized codec’s requiring dedicated connections and lines to today where everyone has video conferencing capabilities in their pocket.  Enabling meeting spaces with video conferencing abilities today is akin to putting a whiteboard in a conference room 15 years ago, it’s something necessary and expected in today’s environment.  You can still set up a huddle room or conference room with a dedicated video conferencing codec. However, with the advent of soft-conferencing solutions like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and others, we see companies building their meeting spaces and embracing a culture of “bring your own device.”  By doing this, users have the freedom to chose a soft conferencing system of their choice. 

AV Control Systems

An AV control system is used to help automate an environment or take what’s ordinarily complex and make it simple and easy to use. The AV control system issues a command to the AV equipment to control different aspects of the room. The command could be as simple as turning on the system in a huddle room to make a phone call. The AV control system could be used in a conference room, and control anything from the lights and shades to the input on the display. With certified programmers on staff, we areexperts at making the complex simple. Contact us to today to schedule a free consultation. 

Sound Masking

Today, the need for protecting speech privacy has never been more critical.  With real estate space at a premium, we’re commonly working in open spaces, and closer together than ever before.  A sound masking system can help reduce noise distractions, boost productivity, protect speech privacy, and as many studies show increase office comfort. Typically, a sound masking system will have small or hidden speakers in the ceiling grid.  A sound masking system could serve multiple functions and be used for public address or play music depending on the use case. We’ve installed sound masking systems in huddle and conference rooms, but you could find one just about anywhere.