1. General Terms & Conditions

Please note that the RASON Global Services Ltd General Terms and Conditions and Specific Conditions of Sale apply. All names "RASON" or "Rason Global" refer to RASON Global Services Ltd

2. VAT
All prices quoted exclude VAT. unless expressly stated in the body of the quotation.

3. Rate of Exchange
The pricing in this quote is subject to rate of exchange

4. Terms of Payment
Payment terms are strictly Full Payment Upfront unless the Customer has applied for a credit facility and this has subsequently been granted by RASON Global Services Ltd.

5. Risk
All associated risks are transferred to the Customer upon delivery to site/collection from RASON GLOBAL’s premises and the signing of a Delivery Note or Waybill. No equipment will be left on site without the signed acceptance of these terms by a company representative with the authority to do so.

6. Ownership
Ownership of the goods remains with RASON GLOBAL until full payment is received.

7. Warranty
All equipment is covered by standard warranties as set out by manufacturers. PLEASE NOTE: All products are Carry-In Warranty’s and the faulty product will have to be returned to (RASON GLOBAL’s Warehouse in Midrand South Africa), these shipping costs will not be covered by RASON GLOBAL. Details of these individual warranties are available on request.

8. Delivery
All equipment is to be collected from RASON GLOBAL Warehouse. Delivery of equipment will only be delivered if prior arrangements have been made. Deliveries outside of FCT will be at an additional cost. RASON GLOBAL will hold stock at our warehouse of your order/s for a maximum of 5 business days from date of invoice.

9. Validity
This proposal is valid for fourteen (14) days from date hereof.

10. Training
Prices quoted exclude training, unless expressly stated in the body of the quotation.

10.1 Terms of Payment
Payment terms are strictly full payment upfront and to be paid in full three (3) working days after invoiced has been received.

10.2 Terms of Cancellation
Cancellation of orders will incure a 10% cancelation fee if stock has been been specially ordered or if payment has already been received.
Due to the limited number of seats per training session and in the interest of fair and transparent practice, the following cancellation policy is strictly implemented:
All cancellations are to be received in writing and acknowledged in writing by an authorised RASON GLOBAL representative. Cancellations received 30 days or more prior to the scheduled training date will be reimbursed in full. 
Cancellations received less than 30 days, but more than 14 days prior to the scheduled training date will be reimbursed at 50% of the full training fee. 
Cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the scheduled training date will forfeit the full training fee and will not be reimbursed whatsoever. 
Any refunds due as a result of cancellation will be subject to the terms of the aforementioned cancellation policy and will be reimbursed within five working days.

10.3 Requests for Transfers of Training Bookings
Requests received to change a confirmed booking to another training session will be regarded as a cancellation of the original booking plus a separate new booking. Such requests for changes in training bookings are to be received in writing along with a Purchase Order for the new booking, and must be acknowledged in writing by an authorised RASON GLOBAL representative. In such an event, the initial booking will be regarded as a cancellation and therefore Terms of Cancellation will apply. The new booking will be subject to Terms of Payment and will be charged at the difference between the fee of the new booking and the refund due.

10.4 Training Delivery
Delivery of training at RASON GLOBAL . Training at alternate venues will be as per arrangement.

10.5 Notice of Training Date Changes by RASON GLOBAL
The date of training will be as indicated in the quotation. Although all possible measures are taken not to change scheduled training dates, RASON GLOBAL reserves the right to change any such date and will provide reasonable notice to the affected parties. Should the affected person/s not be able to join the training on the rescheduled date, RASON GLOBAL will provide up to three proposals for training dates within six months of the original training date, where after the training booking will be deemed cancelled and booking funds will be forfeited.

11. Services
11.1 Installation 
Prices quoted exclude installation unless expressly stated in the body of the quotation.
Installations are only to be done once a site visit inspection has been conducted and installation dates have been confirmed by RASON GLOBAL. 
Consumables (i.e. VGA, USB-XT, Splitter, Pole & Bracket) have no warranty and therefore will only be covered by RASON GLOBAL within 10 business days after installation.

11.2 Call Outs 
Please be advised that the call-out fee is charged as a consultation fee and does not guarantee that the problem will be solved on site. This charge does not include additional consumables and any de and re-installing of any (SMART / NuReva or products sold by RASON GLOBAL) equipment. 
An additional cost will be added to the standard call out fee for any special requirements.

12. Travel & Accommodation 
Training & Installation quote excludes travel and accommodation should the end-user be outside of the FCT area. All travel and accommodation costs for Certified Trainer need to be covered by End-user / Reseller. 
Please note AA rates are charged within a 100km radius.

13. Exclusions
1. All Electrical Work - This includes all electrical plug points, core drilling, electrical cable, floor boxes and conduits;
2. Shop fitting - All specialized cabinets and cupboards required;
3. Ceiling Work - All ceiling construction, changes and cutouts for speakers and any other required equipment;
4. Structural - Any additional specialized brackets, or structures necessary to mount any of our equipment that have not been included in the quote;
5. Installation excludes re-enforcing of dry walling, POP up's, Patch Points and Fly leads,
6. PC Equipment – Any hardware or software required that is not included in the above quotation;
7. All Installations quoted – Exclude the removal of all existing whiteboards, ceiling fans, cupboards, speakers etc. The client will be responsible for removal of these items prior to installation as agreed on the site survey form, but should the client wish to make use of our team to conduct the de-installations, this will be quoted separately. 
8. Subscriptions - All required subscriptions such as internet. The provision of any connectivity services such as ISDN, Analogue Trunks, DIGINET, Tie Lines and Digital/Analogue routes to the Customer’s premises for ultimate connection to approved communication equipment is the sole responsibility of TEL, and is a contract between the Customer and the service provider.

14. Collections & Deliveries - within Nigeria                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               All orders placed with RASON GLOBAL is strictly EXW (Ex Works) FCT Warehouse in FCT Abuja, thus it is the Reseller's responsibiltiy to arrange collection from RASON GLOBAL warehouse unless a prior arrangement has been agreed with RASON GLOBAL to deliver to the Reseller/s premises.  Should the reseller require logistics assistance with regards to delivery of their products, RASON GLOBAL will be able to provide a quotation accordingly. 

15. 15. Exports & Shipping - Outside of South Africa, & Nigeria    

All products quoted by RASON GLOBAL are EXW (Ex Works) Factory and thus excludes any shipping,duties, taxes etc. Should the reseller require a logistics service from RASON GLOBAL, we will be able to provide a shipping quotation in accordance to the below terms: All products purchased by reseller / consignee within their respective country are subject to the INCOTERM RULE 2010 – CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To – Named Place of Destination – which in all cases will be the international airport / harbour port unless otherwise stipulated by RASON GLOBAL).

As per the above INCOTERM, RASON GLOBAL SERVICES Ltd is responsible for all charges and risks associated including insurance up to Airport / harbour port. The reseller / consignee is responsible for all local charges and risks associated i.e (customs clearing, duties, taxes, local delivery) as well as any pre-shipment inspections and conformities (COCs). It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure all shipments are pre-inspected by the Government’s preferred / chosen agency (Intertek, SGS, Bureau Veritas) before shipment is collected or shipped by RASON GLOBAL’s Freight forwarder.
*RASON GLOBAL SERVICES Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for any penalties or delay in shipments due to pre-shipment inspections not being conducted prior to goods being shipped.

The above terms of trade are subject to all orders placed with RASON GLOBAL SERVICES Ltd unless otherwise stipulated on Invoice or agreed upon between both parties prior to order.