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The chairman unit has a TALK switch with LED. It also has a PRIORITY switch with LED. When priority switch is pressed, a chime tone is generated to seek attention and mute the active delegate microphones.

CMA-5400 50 WATTS

Central Mixer Amplifier Highly sensitive 18.5" (47cm) long gooseneck microphone for comfortable sharing by two delegates. Bright and uniform band LED indicator. Chairman /Delegate Units have attractive and well contoured plastic top for superior appearance. Rugged and compact die cast aluminium base for better stability of Chairman/Delegate Units. Adjustable headphone output available from each Chairman/Delegate Unit. Automatic Mic Off feature in Delegate units which is selectable through a switch in the Central Amplifier. Chairman Unit has Priority Switch.


Each unit is provided with a long gooseneck condenser microphone which is highly sensitive and unidirectional. The microphone is provided with a diffused LED housing to provide positive visual identification of the unit in operation. The built-in speaker in each unit provides clear and crisp sound reinforcement. The output level of the speaker can be adjusted through a recessed volume control in the unit. Each unit has a headphone output, TALK switch and a TALK LED. The MIC LEVEL LED in the delegate unit flickers to indicate microphone input signal level.

Training Room

A space dedicated to learning in the workplace, the AV needs of this space can vary. Primarily meant to promote collaboration and share ideas, we can help with the often tricky task of determining the technology that will create the best environment for your team. 

Popular Solutions:

  • Display or Projection Screen
  • Integrated Audio
  • Video Conferencing 
Distributor of Audio Visual and Unified Communications
Huddle Room

These spaces are quickly growing in popularity because of their ease-of-use features. When teams work in cubicles, the huddle room becomes a go-to for meetings.  Our custom solutions create a great end user experience.  

Popular Solutions:

  • Display
  • Crestron Mercury  
  • Wireless Video
Meeting Room

Hybrid meetings that participants will actually love.

Whether in-person or remote, participants can share screens and instantly collaborate on shared whiteboards within a Microsoft Teams meeting. Capture big ideas and inspire innovation with highly effective hybrid meetings.

Conferecing Room

The age of open floor-plans have made conference rooms a critical component in the way organizations conduct operations. Rooms built to house some of your most important meetings, need AV. We can help with the most crucial aspect of any conference room, simplicity.   

Popular Solutions:

  • Display
  • Crestron Control 
  • Video Conferencing 
Education Technology for Classroom
Classroom Meeting Lab


Our professional training solutions include working with your end users to ensure full functionality of the systems we provide.  From orientation to deep dive use case development, our team can help customize a training plan to your needs.