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Powerhub Pro

More than one in three people in Nigeria do not have access to electricity and for those who do, constant power cuts have led to a heavy reliance on back-up generators across the country.

In Nigeria, the average generator owner will spend over N365,000/Yr on petrol to power their generator. Leading to noise pollution and air pollution by poisonous fumes which causes no fewer than 700 deaths yearly.

The goal of the Powerhub is to democratize, decentralize and reduce the cost barrier to access reliable and sustainable electricity for Nigerians.

Fully charged, the Powerhub and Powerhub Pro will power your 45Watts TV for 21 hours and 30+ hours respectively. That is insane!

With the Powerhub you have Zero recurring costs. Zero maintenance costs. Zero pollution. Zero noise. That is sustainability.

The Powerhub (1,000W) and Powerhub Pro (2,000W) can both be charged using solar panels, grid power (PHCN) or a generator while supporting Fast Charging.

As a Nigerian, the Powerhub is the best investment you can make for your Electric Power needs. The Powerhub Pro is expandable that means as your power consumption grows, you can expand it’s battery capacity making it an attractive life time investment.

To buy a Powerhub for yourself and loved ones today.  Call : 08038575356

Official Distributor

Powerhub & Powerhub Pro

Get up to 17 Hours
uninterrupted AC power supply

Plug & Play . Eco-friendly . Zero Emissions

TVs, Fans, Light Bulbs, Laptops, Phones e.t.c

By using powerhub you keep your environment green.



Blends Seamlessly into your

Homes | Offices | Shops

                   Work comfortably from your home

             Without the fear of NEPA

 Long lasting.

Co-work productively.

Plug in an extension for multiple devices.

 minimalist design.

Sleep comfortably.

The powerhub is silent.

 noise pollution free.


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Very compact & mobile

Three years warranty

Overload Protection

AC & DC Output socket, usb ports

Powerhub Pro



Solar charging (panel) support (+ 8 hours power)


Three years warranty

Overload Protection

AC & DC Output socket, usb ports